You are more than just your physical body.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

About Us

Gena Rae Peace & Wellness Studio was founded in September of 2020, with its main focus to be helping people find a space where they feel comfortable and safe through a continued yoga practice.

Upon walking through our doors here at Gena Rae's, we can almost guarantee you will feel a sense of calm. From the color scheme, to the aromas and the warm welcoming of the staff, you will be brought a sense of peace before you even roll out your mat.

Our goal at the studio is for you to feel safe with zero judgement, not only from others but towards yourself. We want everyone to feel welcome, and know that they are enough. It is important to take that moment for yourself.

Whether it's once, twice, three times a week for a yoga class, a monthly sound bath, or a private reiki session, we will continue to reassure you… you are worth it!


Our Team

Rachel is the founder of Gena Rae Peace & Wellness.

She is a 500RYT, Reiki Practitioner, TruSelf Empowerment Leader, Meditation Leader, and Sound Healer, with a strong background in other alternative healing methods.

She believes in treating the whole body and would love to help you heal yourself from the inside out.

Her heart lies in mental health and she enjoys teaching mindfulness, starting at the age of four.

Through her classes, she ensures her students that all of her classes are beginner-friendly, but she always offers challenges to more advanced students.

Rachel Eglar

Rachel Eglar


Renee Marie

Renee Marie Headshot.2


Renee Marie was born with the gift of healing.

From her earliest years, she wanted to help people and make them feel good about themselves.

After high school, Renee Marie suffered from TMJ-Tempermandibular Joint Disorder. Renee Marie believes "It's the struggle that shapes us, and it was her personal struggle with TMJ that changed her life and illuminated her career path.

During her search for relief from the pain of TMJ, Renee Marie discovered reflexology. Almost immediately she found the relief she was praying for. Through this experience, Renee Marie began a journey of self-discovery which continues to the present day.
Blessed with the gift of Natural Healing, Renee Marie continues on this path of learning, teaching, and sharing the "Love-n-Light" she has found. Renee Marie has a soothing, loving demeanor, bringing a feeling of light and peace to all those she treats.

Renee Marie addresses your whole body, listening to it, feeling its energy, and applying the Holistic Therapies your body needs. Renee Marie will apply whatever therapy or combinations of Holistic Therapies are needed to help her clients achieve Mental, Spiritual, and Physical Balance. She offers counseling on nutritional supplements along with energy therapies, exercise, and meditation. Her intuitive understanding of each individual's needs stems from love and compassion.

Renee Marie is a licensed Cosmetologist, Certified Reflexologist, Crystal Therapist, Reiki Teacher, and CranioSacral Therapist who also specializes in Lymphatic Balancing

Michele is a 200RYT, mom of four adult children, and nana to three grandsons.

She's been in the fitness industry for over 18 years, having taught many formats.

She became a yoga instructor not only because she loved the practice but also because, through her own self-discovery and experience, she learned how healing and therapeutic the practice is for the body.

She knew this was something she wanted to share with the world!

When not working, she's hanging out with her hubby and her two fur babies: her 10-year-old pit bull, and Cooper, her 1-year-old Goldendoodle.

She's super excited to be a part of this new community and can’t wait to see all of you in class!


Michele headshot