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At Gena Rae Peace & Wellness Studio, we want you to feel welcome, comfortable, and able. All of our classes can be tailored to fit your abilities and are suited for beginners and advanced students alike. Join us today, and begin your journey to peace & wellness!

-Rachel Eglar, Owner

Monthly Membership

Monthly membership for unlimited classes

$105.00 / Months

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Upcoming Special Events

Mondays & Thursdays - April 8th - May 2nd

4-Week Beginner Series

If you've always had difficulty getting into yoga because the class doesn't address your beginner needs, you're having a tough time sometimes in yoga classes that move too fast rather than breaking down and helping you learn what you need to learn, or you’ve just wanted to try it out, then this is the series is for you. 

We offer you expert instruction to help manage stress, safe stretching, balance techniques, and confident movement that will prepare you for higher-level classes.  

These classes are designed for all levels of experience in a relaxed, judgment-free environment and will help you explore yoga beyond poses.  This is where you learn foundational practices and the language of yoga. 

Join Rachel for this semi-private 4-week Series for the low cost of $99. 2 classes per week on Mondays and Thursdays from 6-6:45 pm.

Space is limited… if you prefer to not pay by credit card and would like to set up a cash arrangement please email [email protected]

April 12th @ 7 pm

Sound Bath with Reiki

set of bronze utensils for gong therapy

Come and relax to the sound of singing bowls and other calming sounds while laying comfortably in a savasana supported by pillows & blankets in a warm, inviting environment.

Breathe as the frequencies and tones permeate your energy field while enjoying your natural resonance and allowing your body to heal.

Please bring the items required to lay comfortably on the floor: a Yoga Mat, Pillows, and blankets. If you don’t have these items, they will be provided. Rachel Eglar is a certified sound healer, Reiki practitioner, and guided meditation trainer. She will provide you with her beautiful energy and unconditional love. 

April 23 @ 6 pm

Reiki Share

Reiki Share is an amazing experience. Coming together, sharing our healing energies, and becoming a collective is what this is about.

It is time for us to gather, practice Reiki, and provide healing and support where it is needed. We gather with like-minded healers to recharge our energies, find balance, and raise our vibrations as a collective.

Reiki is life-changing, and sharing what we know is imperative for the health of the universe. Please join us in raising our vibrations and come share with the collective. Limit 40 people

You do not have to be a practitioner to join!

Love Donations are Encouraged <3 The basket will be at the door

Reiki Share

"A beautiful, serene place. My daughter has been going and she loves it! It's been a great stress relief outlet for her. I highly recommend."


"Relaxing feel good atmosphere with knowledgeable yoga instructors and so much more!"

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“The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do.”

— Swati Sharma