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“At Gena Rae Peace & Wellness Studio, we want you to feel welcome, comfortable, and able. All of our classes can be tailored to fit your abilities and are suited for beginners and advanced students alike. Join us today, and begin your journey to peace & wellness!”

-Rachel Eglar, Owner

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Yoga for every body.

“The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do.”

— Swati Sharma




A beautiful, serene place. My daughter has been going and she loves it! It's been a great stress relief outlet for her. I highly recommend.


Relaxing feel good atmosphere with knowledgeable yoga instructors and so much more!

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December 21

Reiki Share

A Reiki Share consists of many healing hands over one person at a time.

One person lies on a table while the participating practitioners gather around that person, allowing their hands to hover over them while channeling a massive flow of Reiki energy into that person. Love donation

Reiki Share
Begins November 29th - 10 week Program

TruSelf Empowerment program

The Truself Empowerment Program is designed to inspire young girls ages 10-13 to acknowledge, accept, and become the best version of their True selves. 

Module One will discuss self-worth, healthy positive relationships, social media, the importance of education, bullying, and much more as well as yoga, meditation, deep relaxation, healthy snacks, energy healing, and interactive talk through our many subjects. 

Our goal of the TruSelf Empowerment Program is to educate, empower, have fun, laugh, be around like-minded girls, develop positive relationships, learn leadership skills, have high self-worth and healthy self-esteem & inspire girls by raising awareness, developing communication skills, self advocation & cultivating self-respect.

Each week we will discuss a different subject and some weeks, a project will be included.

December 6th

Community Acupuncture

Closeup of hand performing acupuncture therapy young Asian man's

Acupuncture is the insertion of hair-thin needles into specific locations on the body to elicit a healing response. Among the hundreds of acupuncture points that exist, your practitioner will choose a combination of points to be customized to address your unique needs and health goals.